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Are you either new to horse racing, a professional, or simply looking for a system that really works?

Racextra has rapidly become one of the leading statistical horse racing system analysis services available. Our unique and very different approach appeals to all types of horse racing enthusiasts, including amateurs and professionals.

Our methods and ratings have been designed from the ground up giving you the ability to track and monitor every detail of forthcoming races. You will have access to a vast array of information which you can then arrange in your own workable format. The difficulties of tracking, monitoring and making sense of horse racing information will at last be a thing of the past.

No other horse racing service in the UK gives you the ability to not only access years of data but also to utilise our unique functionality, with the specific view of improving your knowledge and success.


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Our Horse's Of Interest Winners for the last 7 days

Ventura Rebel 20/1,   Manolith 16/1,   Flirting Lesa 14/1,   Atalanta Queen 14/1,   Harswell 12/1,   Burford Brown 10/1,  

Cuban Sun 10/1,   Taceec 9/1,   Trenchtown Rock 8/1,   Safe Voyage 8/1,   Plumette 8/1,   Daddies Girl 8/1,  

Point In Time 8/1,   Sixshooter 8/1,   Everkyllachy 8/1,   Elite Icon 15/2,   Saisons D'or 7/1,   Zodiacus 7/1,  

Dancin Boy 7/1,   Desert Fox 7/1,   Roulston Scar 7/1,   Bella Vita 7/1,   Star Cracker 13/2,   Sea Sculpture 6/1,  

Love Your Work 6/1,   Inverleigh 6/1,   Jalaad 6/1,   Rock Of Estonia 6/1,   Severance 6/1,   Colour Contrast 6/1,  

Jazz Hands 6/1,   Remembering You 11/2,   Get Back Get Back 11/2,   Blue Templar 11/2,   Archive 11/2,   Good Vibes 11/2,  

Moyhenna 5/1,   Front View 5/1,   Chica De La Noche 9/2,   Oud Metha Bridge 9/2,   Munhamek 9/2,   Fifth Position 9/2,  

Rowland Ward 9/2,   San Carlos 9/2,   Dazzling Rock 9/2,   Shamshon 4/1,   Kidda 4/1,   Colreevy 4/1,  

Apterix 4/1,   My Sister Sarah 4/1F,   Lady Madison 7/2,   Mina Velour 7/2,   Littledidyouknow 7/2,   Laafy 7/2,  

Tigerfish 7/2,   Hyanna 7/2,   Contingency Fee 7/2,   Kodi Dream 7/2,   Florenza 7/2,   Larry 100/30F,  

Gowanbuster 100/30,   Chacun Pour Soi 3/1,   Caid Du Berlais 3/1,   Ramesses 3/1F,   Cloudy Morning 3/1F,   Mon Storm 3/1F,  

Orin Swift 3/1,   Uisce Solas 3/1,   Kalabaloo 11/4,   Sam Cavallaro 11/4,   Un De Sceaux 11/4,   False Id 11/4F,  

Hic Bibi 5/2F,   The Defiant 5/2F,   Pendleton 5/2,   Gardens Of Babylon 5/2,   Brazen Safa 9/4,   Eagles By Day 9/4,  

Hey Gaman 9/4F,   Gumball 9/4,   Claire Underwood 9/4,   Buveur D´air 2/1J,   Nahham 2/1,   Capofaro 2/1F,  

Singing The Blues 2/1F,   Eightsome Reel 2/1,   Miss Snossyboots 15/8F,   Black Corton 15/8F,   I'm Available 15/8F,   Jassaar 7/4F,  

Gunnabedun 7/4F,   Kupa River 7/4F,   Chattanooga Boy 13/8F,   Mutaraffa 13/8,   Delta Work 13/8F,   Ticks The Boxes 13/8F,  

Pink Flamingo 13/8F,   Kemboy 13/8F,   Vivax 6/4,   Geneticist 6/4F,   Little Light 11/8F,   Mokhalad 11/8F,  

Sole Pretender 11/8F,   Fujaira Prince 11/8F,   Game Player 11/8F,   Bowerman 11/8F,   Peruvian Summer 11/8F,   New Graduate 5/4F,  

Zero Ten 5/4F,   Blessed To Empress 11/10F,   Ranch Hand 10/11F,   Elfile 9/10F,   Masked Identity 5/6F,   Moonlight Spirit 5/6F,  

Firepower 5/6F,   Dubai Legacy 5/6F,   King's Advice 4/5F,   Coolagh Forest 8/11F,   Strong Power 4/6F,   Lambeth Walk 4/6F,  

Klassical Dream 8/13F,   Bayshore Freeway 1/2F,   Clayton 2/5F,   Downdraft 1/3F,   Calyx 1/3F,   Desert Icon 30/100F,  

Fanny Logan 2/7F,   Hazel Hill 1/4F,   Roseman 1/5F,   Ustath 1/5F,   Altior 1/6F,   Surfman 1/8F,  

Racextra is not a betting or tipping service. Any subsequent bets are placed at your own risk. Please visit gambleaware.co.uk

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